Monday, January 28, 2013

Social media losing it's appeal

I love social media. I guess you can call me an outright Facebook junkie. I love keeping up with all my friends. I love posting thoughts, ideas and articles and get feedback from my friends. After all, we do see things from all different angles. HOWEVER..... Facebook is slowly losing it's charm. One of the biggest reasons, if not the ONLY reason, is that I suddenly find myself having to preface everything I write to MAKE SURE I do not offend someone or accidentally "spill the beans." I ask myself, "what is the point of having a Facebook account if I can't post my thoughts without having to preface them all the time?" I am not a vindictive person, nor do I purposefully seek to offend. And just because I POST some thought or idea does not make it gospel for EVERYONE! Facebook is great, but I think it has given everyone the idea that all their thoughts and ideas are something bigger than what they are. Yes, they are important (especially to you), but just because someone DOES post something, does not make it truth (for you), gospel for the world, and it certainly does not mean YOU HAVE TO RESPOND! Whatever happened to being able to disagree without giving your two cents or taking it personal? Honestly...Facebook is getting WAY TOO STRESSFUL!!!!!! I am tired of this type "political correctness." I am tired of having to run through a list of all my friends thinking about if what I post is going to offend one of them. One thing I have learned is that no matter how you say something, if it is the truth, it is going OFFEND...SOMEONE! AND...there is a truth that is ABSOLUTE TRUTH that IS truth for ALL. Perhaps, the problem is that Facebook is just TOO BIG! How many friends on there do we all have that we don't even talk to on a regular basis and then all of the sudden, THERE THEY ARE giving their two cents of why they are offended by what you wrote. Or maybe all of Facebook just needs to be lighthearted and jovial and never have anything posted that is "controversial." However, we all have things that press on us. Facebook is also a great way to get truth out to the masses. And what is controversial to one is not to another. about leaving the drama of Facebook and picking up the phone to call or getting together of are just too busy.

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No China said...

Is it still losing its appeal over a year later?